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Why Manitowoc Ice talks about I.C.E.

By Lee Davis

manitowoc_ice_logo_lWhen they talk about the Indigo, Manitowoc Ice talks about I.C.E.

In October of 2012, Kitchen Biz showed you a video introducing the new Modular Indigo Ice Machine from Manitowoc Ice. Last week, I met with Bo Erickson, Senior Product Sales Manager for Manitowoc Ice. We were preparing a training webinar and I got an update on the Indigo. Bo was anxious to share with me an emerging theme that has distinguished the Indigo from its competitors.

Manitowoc Ice talks about I.C.E.

“When we talk about Indigo,” said Bo, “we talk about I.C.E., where ‘I’ stands for Intelligence.” The Indigo features an Easy Read Display that stores product information, warranty information, historical data, and real time data. It can be programmed in 14 languages and alerts the user when cleaning or service is required. That keeps the unit running at peak performance and helps the user avoid service calls. On board diagnostics identify service issues, so when a service call is necessary, the time spent diagnosing the problem is minimal. All that limits downtime and saves the operator money.

PastedGraphic-3“C” stands for clean-ability. According to Bo, the Indigo is the easiest to clean unit on the market. It requires fewer steps to clean, is designed for easy access to areas that require cleaning, and features tool free parts removal. These features cut cleaning time in half when compared to other machines. That saves the operator money. The Indigo also features advanced sanitation with LuminIce™, an exclusive Manitowoc device that uses active air and ultra violet light to inhibit the growth of yeast, bacteria, and other common microorganisms. LuminIce™ minimizes the number of cleanings per year and saves the operator even more money.

Layout 1“Finally, ‘E’ stands for Energy Efficient,” said Bo. “In 2013, Manitowoc Ice was once again the Energy Star Partner of the Year for Sustained Excellence.” Manitowoc has a long history of meeting and exceeding Energy Star standards. As for the Indigo, it monitors its own daily energy and water use. “Customizable ice production levels ensure ice is there when you need it and production is shut off when you don’t,” said Bo. An air assist feature helps harvest ice, minimizing the amount of energy required to release cubes from the evaporator tray. These are just a few of the Indigo’s energy saving features.

I came away from my meeting with Bo, and a subsequent webinar, with Bo truly appreciating why Manitowoc Ice talks about I.C.E. when discussing their Indigo line. It is not merely a clever mnemonic, it is a clear reminder of what really distinguishes this line from other ice machines on the market: intelligence, clean-ability, and energy efficiency.