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Ice Machine Maintenance is a breeze with Manitowoc Ice

By Carla Landi


Depending on the environment, your ice machine should be cleaned every 6 months. If you’re baking bread and/or working with a lot of yeast you may want to clean it more frequently than 6 months.


Regular cleaning of your ice machine ensures food safety, keeps the machine working at peak performance, and prolongs the overall life of the machine.

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Manitowoc Ice built their ice machines to cater to busy foodservice professionals with a concern for ice machine maintenance. All components can be easily removed for cleaning in about one minute, without any tools.


Manitowoc Ice took it a step further by offering options that slow the growth of bacteria, prolonging the time needed in between cleanings. They also added an additional indicator light option for extra security. Watch the video below to learn more.

Keep your bar or restaurant properly equipped with a continuous flow of clean ice. Minimize downtime and save time, money, and labor with a Manitowoc Ice Machine.


Watch how the Manitowoc Ice Indigo came to the rescue on Spike TV: Bar Rescue – Royal Oaks.

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