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Lakeside’s Mobile Merchandising Multi Daypart Carts

By Carla Landi


All day breakfast and convenient snacking opportunities are very popular in a wide variety of foodservice markets. Elementary schools benefit by offering children breakfast at school in a fun and creative way. Colleges and universities are able to cater to students craving snacks on-the-go. Daypart carts are perfect for visitors at hospitals looking for comfort food while they spend time away from their regular schedule, or are waiting for a loved one who is having a procedure. Busy hospital staff appreciate the convenient ability to grab something to eat on the run. Hotels and meetings banquets can benefit by offering carts while quickly changing the theme throughout the day.


The opportunities are endless in multiple applications. Couple the desire for these carts by consumers with the fact that you can customize the carts with graphic panels that draw crowds, and you have a merchandising winner. The need and the audience is present and waiting.


Lakeside answered the call by offering Merchandising Multi Daypart Carts that accommodate the needs of every market. Nobody knows your business and your customers better than you do. Having the ability to create your themes and customize the cart to your specific food offerings and audience is remarkable.


Lakeside offers smaller models in stainless steel or laminate (#663 and #668). Stainless steel models provide optional, removable, magnetic front graphics panels to create a customized look that can be easily changed throughout the day. Options include an 18” stainless steel drop leaf with cord port, heated well(s), and overhead LED light strips. When building your cart, you have the option to choose an insulated steel ice bin, hot wells, and stainless steel serving top to display a variety of items. These models provide a spacious interior for convenient access to needed supplies.


They also offer larger models (#764 and #768). These models display an overhead banner graphic and front panel graphic, or laminate exterior that can be customized to fit any menu in any environment. When building a larger model, you have the option to choose heated wells, chilled (eutectic) wells, menu boards, display baskets, warming/chilled drawers, an 18” drop leaf and other convenient options to create the ideal display. The stainless steel welded cabinet not only offers sound construction but also makes it easy to clean and sanitize. All-swivel 5” cushion tread casters effortlessly roll these carts to other locations for different merchandising displays throughout the day.


Not all businesses have the opportunity to bring their product directly to the customer and move their storefront when the crowd location shifts. Not to mention, the ability to make your customers happy and nourished with convenient access to a quick snack or meal.


Lakeside’s Mobile Merchandising Multi Daypart Cart is a great product for the foodservice industry, and I personally wouldn’t mind if these carts popped up in more locations. You can’t go wrong with a conveniently located, nice healthy snack while you journey through your day.

Mobile Merchandising Multi Daypart Carts