Continental Refrigerator Forced Air Pizza Prep Tables

By Carla Landi and Lee Davis Continental Refrigerator exceeds the demands of busy pizza operations with their Forced Air Pizza Prep Tables. Continental Refrigerator made sure of this by extensively researching the needs of the most demanding operations. These Forced Air Pizza Prep Tables maintain NSF temperatures in 100°F ambient temperatures. They are flexible to the changing needs, and changing minds for that matter, of top foodservice professionals....

The 2015 Kitchen Innovations Award Recipients

By Matt Kurnick It's that time of year again. This weekend the National Restaurant Association Show is coming to Chicago. With that, we're going to highlight a few of this year's 2015 Kitchen Innovations Award recipients. This list includes a range of products that cover food storage, food prep, cooking equipment, and finally new ways to handle foodwaste. Without further ado, here are the highlights of this year's...
Doyon DSF022

The Doyon DSA336 Semi-Automatic Divider-Rounder

By Matt Kurnick and Carla Landi The Doyon DSA336 Semi-Automatic Divider-Rounder is a great tool to build efficiency into a variety of operations. This machine, which requires minimal manual operation, takes up to 6 lbs. of dough and divides it into smaller, equal portions in seconds. The DSA336 comes with interchangeable portion control units so operators can get either 22 or 36 equal portions of dough. And changing...
ICS Outdoor Walkin

The ICS One-Piece Walk-In

By Lee Davis and Matt Kurnick Upon delivery, the International Cold Storage one-piece walk-in is just 3-5 hours away from cooling and freezing food. The unit comes fully assembled, including lights, refrigerator coils, panels, and doors. All that's needed to start is to hook the unit up to electricity. The ICS one-piece walk-in is available with the a new stainless steel, slip-resistant floor. The more moist the floor...

Tuxton Adds Sagebrush to Artisan Collection

By Matt Kurnick Tuxton China has recently added a subtly stunning new color to its rustic Artisan Collection. Sagebrush is the fourth desert-inspired color in the collection. Artisan is a unique dinnerware set that provides diners the feel as if it was hand-thrown, creating a rustic and unique presentation. The lush, vibrant glazes react differently with each firing, so every piece is truly an original. The original three…


The Newly Released Southbend TruVAPOR

By Matt Kurnick The Southbend TruVAPOR provides true 3-in-1 capabilities in a minimal footprint. The Southbend TruVAPOR is a full convection steamer, can act as a bake-oven up to 475°F in convection mode, and in TruVAPOR Mode can add 25%-75% humidity into the oven cavity. All of this comes in a 36-inch footprint. The TruVAPOR Mode is especially useful, allowing operators to sear products while maintaining the product’s…


Metro’s New C5 4 Series Holding Cabinet

By Lee Davis and Matt Kurnick Metro recently released its brand new C5 4 Series holding cabinet. The cabinet has the familiar look of the red insulated armor, but a deeper look reveals Metro’s new Insulation Armor Plus that provides unprecedented insulation and protection for the price point. Additionally, this cabinet is Energy Star certified. The C5 4 Series features a stainless steel box and a top-mounted control….


True’s Newly Redesigned Reach-Ins

By Carla Landi and Matt Kurnick True’s newly redesigned reach-ins feature a variety of aesthetic and functional updates that only improve on the original upright reach-in. True’s new modular look features either clear aluminum or stainless steel interior, and gray polyvinyl shelving racks. For an updated look, and to reduce energy consumption, the new reach-ins feature LED lighting as opposed to fluorescent interior lighting. On the glass-door edition,…


FOCUS Universal Post Casters

By Carla Landi The FOCUS Universal Post Casters are rolling in great new solutions for foodservice operations.  One caster works for all shelving post installations in the field.  This easy to install caster makes it easy to replace casters on-site and offers the flexibility to quickly change a fixed shelving unit to a mobile shelving unit as needs of the operation change. Watch the video and see how easy it is to install these…

New Vulcan VCE3 Electric Convection Oven

By Lee Davis KitchenBiz recently caught up with Kenny Graven, Sales & Marketing Manager for Vulcan. He showed us the New Vulcan VCE3 Electric Convection Oven. With this oven, Vulcan sought to improve efficiency and bake quality. They also wanted to introduce new cleanability features not seen before in Convection Ovens. Watch this video to learn how they did it.