Geneva‘s New Action Station

By Carla Landi   Geneva Designs, a sister company of Lakeside Foodservice, is getting a lot of attention with their new Action Station. The contemporary design, portability, and features allow foodservice professionals to create a kitchen on the fly, spotlight their chefs, and delight their guests.   Induction burners are positioned lower to give chefs comfortable access to cookware. Freshly displayed ingredients, sauces, and batters are in close...

Ice Machine Maintenance is a breeze with Manitowoc Ice

By Carla Landi   Depending on the environment, your ice machine should be cleaned every 6 months. If you’re baking bread and/or working with a lot of yeast you may want to clean it more frequently than 6 months.   Regular cleaning of your ice machine ensures food safety, keeps the machine working at peak performance, and prolongs the overall life of the machine.   Manitowoc Ice built...

The Winco ECT500 Conveyor Toaster Oven

By Carla Landi   Winco’s new ECT500 is a combination toaster and conveyor oven all in one small footprint. The extra large opening toasts a wide variety of food products at up to 500 pieces an hour. It can be used in a self-serve front return operation, and also in a rear return in-line system, heating pizza slices, appetizers, and more. The ECT500 is perfect for a variety...

All I want for the Holidays is a Pitco ROV

By Lee Davis, CFSP   If you’re a foodservice operator using fryers in your kitchen, then don’t forget to put a Pitco ROV Fryer on your wishlist this holiday season. The ROV is a Reduced Oil Fryer. Where traditional fryers have a 50 pound oil capacity, the comparable Pitco ROV Fryer has a capacity of only 30 pounds. Less cooking oil means less oil expense, and that is...

New Age Industrial’s Medical Caster Upgrade – Something to Shout About

By Lee Davis, CFSP   New Age Industrial, manufacturers of transportation and storage solutions for the foodservice industry, now offers a Medical Caster for all their carts, racks and cabinets. Designed with hospitals and nursing homes in mind, Medical Casters have soft rubber treads and special bearings to eliminate squeaky wheels.   Less noise is definitely something to shout about. Healthcare patients and employees both benefit from a...

Bakers Pride New XPM Speed Oven

By Carla Landi   The Baker’s Pride NEW Countertop XPM Speed Oven packs a lot of power into a small footprint. It combines impingement, convection, and microwave for a cooking speed that is 10 times faster than single cooking methods. The cooking speed combined with the consistent results and the small footprint, make this the perfect oven for high-profit, made-to-order menu items.

Bar Blenders vs. Food Blenders

By Lee Davis, C.F.S.P.   I was recently asked how a commercial bar blender differs from a food blender. It’s a good question. The easy answer is: “a bar blender is designed to make frozen drinks and a food blender is designed for processing food.” While there is truth in that answer, it’s not terribly helpful in differentiating features and design details. I reached out to my friends...

Edlund’s New Titan Series Max-Cut

By Carla Landi   The Titan Series Max-Cut is the first and only all-in-one stainless steel dicer, wedger, corer, and French fry cutter. The quick change pusher and blade assemblies allow for a wide variety of applications. Much to the delight of operators everywhere, the Titan Series Max-Cut is also dishwasher safe and NSF certified. Add in the safety features on this heavy duty piece of equipment and...

Convotherm 4 – Your Meal, Your Mission

By Lee Davis, CFSP   Cleveland Range, a Manitowoc Company, continues to improve its Convotherm line of combi ovens with the Convotherm 4. Available in two designs, “easyDial” sets a new standard in manual controls, while “easyTouch” gives you a large touch screen with customization standards for your every need. Additionally, the Cleveland “ACS+” system provides the extra functions of HumidityPro, Crisp&Tasty, BakePro, and multiple fan speed controls...
Sterno CandleLamp

SternoCandleLamp Mirage Flickering Flame Candles – It’s in the Flicker

By Lee Davis, CFSP   All the beauty and elegance of real wax candles, SternoCandleLamp’s Mirage Flickering Flame Candles are a great option for operators who want all the warmth and ambiance of real candles, without the open flame. Made from real wax, they can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times of day, or operated with an optional remote control. The warm, white LED...