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Kitchen Innovations 2014 First Look

By Matt Kurnick

It’s the middle of May and to us at Kitchen Biz that means two things:

1. The weather is finally getting warm, so it’s time to re-visit our favorite spots to dine al fresco.

2. The National Restaurant Association Show is right around the corner.

Kitchen Innovations 2014 First LookThe NRA Show is one of our favorite events of the year. It’s an exciting opportunity to see our Suppliers. With some, we get to see the new products they’ve come out with over the past year. With others, we get to see the products they’ve released at the show. This year, whether they’re recently released or brand new, several of our Suppliers have products that earned Kitchen Innovation Awards. This week we’re going to dedicate Kitchen Biz to our Kitchen Innovation Award winners.  Today, we’ll review some of this year’s Kitchen Innovations award winners that we’ve previously covered in Kitchen Biz.  Check back with us on Wednesday for more of this year’s winners.

Kitchen Innovations 2014 First LookEdlund KSUV-18 UV Knife Sterilizer Cabinet
This knife sterilizing cabinet from Edlund uses UV rays to clean and hold up to 12 knives in as a little as 3 minutes with up to 99% effectiveness. For more on the Edlund KSUV-18, click here.

Kitchen Innovations 2014 First LookStar Impingement Conveyor Toaster
Star/Holman’s ICS3E-1600B conveyor toaster features impingement airflow and infrared elements that reduce toast time by up to 50%. This toaster is capable of toasting up to 1,600 bagel halves in an hour. It’s programmable Power Save elements help to reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. For more, click here.

Kitchen Innovations 2014 First LookVulcan PowerFry 5TM with FivePassTM Heat Transfer
The Vulcan PowerFry 5 is the flagship of the PowerFry family of fryers from Vulcan. The ENERGY STAR rated fryer delivers high output with excellent recovery times making it excellent for high-volume, around-the-clock operations. For more on PowerFryTM, click here.

You can see these products and more from our great Suppliers this weekend in the Kitchen Innovations pavilion at the NRA Show 2014.