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Johnson-Rose: a Crown Brands Company

By Carla Landi


Johnson-Rose took time at the 2016 National Restaurant Show to introduce us to a few of their lines that offer reliable solutions for busy kitchen operations.


First, we took a look at their table bases and table tops. These nice looking tables feature a textured base, giving them an upscale look. The textured base will also hide scuff marks that sometimes result from running a busy operation. The two-piece base makes assembly easy and fast. With very minimal time and labor, you have a stand-up table.


The next product we looked at was their stainless steel worktable line. These tables are built tough. What stands out on these worktables is the way that they are constructed and the results that come from that construction. They definitely don’t cut any corners. The result is a sturdy and reliable worktable that won’t fall down on the job. Nice.


If you want to add an overshelf to your worktable, Johnson-Rose has those too. They offer single and double shelf units that are extremely strong and fit perfectly with their worktables.


We also checked out the imported dishracks that are offered by Johnson-Rose. They have a special unique extender feature. These extenders can be easily added or removed to adjust the height of the racks. Brilliant.


Watch the video below for more information.

Table Tops


Dish Racks