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Jackson RackStar® 44 Conveyor

By Carla Landi


Combine water and utility savings with performance and a low cost of ownership, and you have the Jackson RackStar® 44 Conveyor Dishmachine. This machine is loaded with best-in-class energy saving features like the Dual Rainbow Rinse Arms that provide superior rinse action and one-pass cleaning performance.


Foodservice operators are realizing a significant savings in water, detergent, and rinse aid with every cycle. There’s an adjustable rinse feature that allows operators to run a cycle with RackStar’s standard Econo Rinse using only .35 gallons per rack, or for heavier soiled loads, the Turbo Rinse using .70 gallons per rack. With less water needed, Jackson was able to utilize a smaller tank and booster heaters, lowering overall energy costs.


In addition to the savings and low cost of ownership, this machine performs at 223 racks per hour! They added several innovative features that make life easier and cleaner for operators. A dual pawl bar provides easy access to scrap baskets and better balance to the rack as it runs through the machine. Hinged doors provide access into the wash chamber for easy cleaning and maintenance. Digital LED controls feature a display that communicates temperature, status, and cycle selection. The RackStar is specifically designed with self-cleaning wash arms with non-clogging nozzles, quiet, self-draining stainless steel wash pump, splash shields, and more.


Jackson wanted to provide foodservice professionals with a conveyor dish machine that would provide superior results, reduce water and utility consumption, and lower overall operating costs— mission accomplished!