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Jackson DynaTemp® Dishmachines

By Carla Landi


Jackson has just introduced their new DynaTemp® Dishmachine. This high temperature, door-type dishmachine, is ideal for 100 seat restaurants, quick-serve operations, schools, and up to 125 bed healthcare facilities.


The slick one-piece hood, with a slope top design, channels steam to the back of the machine so it does not hit the operator when opening the door.


Only 10 psi of incoming water pressure is required for a proper rinse, and Jackson has lowered water consumption on this unit to a best in class .69 gallons per rack. Needless to say, this machine is EnergyStar rated.


Operators can choose between a normal cycle, which runs at 1 minute per rack, a 2-minute cycle for heavier soiled wares, and a pot and pan cycle. The digital control on the front of the machine shows the temperature during the wash and identifies the cycle period.


Combine all of the features of this commercial dishmachine with 300 series stainless construction and you have the perfect solution for 100-125 seat foodservice operations.


Watch the video below for more information.

DynaTemp® Dishmachine