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Increase Profits with Vollrath Beverage Dispensers

by Carla Landi


Draw a crowd to your high-profit beverage station with Vollrath Beverage Dispensers.


These countertop dispensers are designed to refrigerate and serve pre-mixed cold beverages. However, it’s the attractive stainless steel cabinet and clear polycarbonate bowl that serve as a visually appealing merchandiser that will catch your customers’ attention as they walk in the door.


Vollrath makes it easy to set up a successful beverage service for your operation with various sizes and configurations available. Dispensers come with 1, 2, 3, or 4-bowl designs. Size capacities include a 2.11 gallon which features agitated circulation, a 3.17 gallon, and 5.28 gallon, which utilizes stirrer or fountain circulation. Each bowl has a thermostat that holds cold beverages at a perfect serving temperature, while the fountain spray circulator ensures exceptional consistency and quality. 


Dispensers feature simple paddle switches for worry-free operation. Polycarbonate food-grade bowls and dispensing handles can be removed for easy cleaning. With a stainless steel drip-free spigot and a plastic drip tray, your counters will always stay clean too.


Watch the video for a closer look and find out how you can attract customers and increase your beverage profits with Vollrath Beverage Dispensers.