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Ice-O-Matic’s New Grande Cuber

By Lee Davis

new grande cuberThere is a new “clink in the drink”, and it’s called the Grande Cube. It comes from Ice-O-Matic’s new Grande Cuber ice machines which will be debuted at The NAFEM Show 2015. The new Grande Cube is more than twice the size of a standard, full-sized cube and is perfect for any upscale beverage.

Oversized ice cubes in a variety of beverages from cocktails to juices is a growing trend in bars and restaurants alike. Bigger cubes go a long way to maintain the flavor of drinks. Because they melt more slowly, they prevent for example, fine liquor and spirits, from becoming too watered down too quickly. The large cubes are also clearer and have an undeniable aesthetic appeal.

new grande cuber

Grande Cubes are 1-1/4″ by 1-1/8″ by 7/8″ in size. The new Ice-O-Matic Grande Cuber, model numbers ICE0856A & ICE0855A (for 50- or 60-cycle electrical service), can produce up to 875 lbs. of Grande Cubes per day. While they’re great for upscale beverage service, the Grande Cubes are also perfect for self bagging operations.

Currently available in air-cooled models that fit any 30″ or wider Ice-O-Matic storage bin, look for the line to expand in the future. Watch for more details coming soon.