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Ice-O-Matic’s New, Efficient Modular Cube Ice Machine

logoThe Ice-O-Matic ICE0926-Modular Cube Ice Machine is a relatively small machine that produces a large quantity of ice.

At just 22.3” wide and 24.3” deep, the ICE0926 is built to produce up to 930 lbs. of ice per day. In applications that require higher production, the machine is built so that two of them fit side-by-side on either a 48” or 60” bin to meet the demands of high-volume foodservice and retail needs. Pairing up the machines provides the capability to produce up to 1,800 lbs. of ice.


In addition to being a high-volume ice machine, the ICE0926 features Ice-O-Matic’s exclusive Pure ICE® feature that protects the machine from bacteria and fungus growth over the lifetime of the machine. Not only does this feature help make the ice produced by the machine a better quality, it also makes the maintenance of the ice machine significantly easier.

The ICE0926 is designed for use on a variety of 22” and 26” fountain dispensers. It is also ENERGY STARTM qualified.

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