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Ice-O-Matic: Ice is Food Too

By Lee Davis, CFSP


Much to the dismay of health departments across the nation, operators often overlook the fact that ice is food too. Sure it’s used in displays, cold wells, wine buckets, and food containers to maintain temperatures, but enormous amounts of ice are consumed through bar and beverage service. In the kitchen, ice comes in direct contact with many foods and is even used as an ingredient, in place of water, to accelerate cooling in the final stages of preparation. As such, ice is subject to the same food safety rules as other foods, and having a clean and safe source for ice is the first imperative.


Ice-O-Matic’s Elevation Series ice machines are the easiest machines to clean and keep clean in the industry. The Elevation Series is designed with forward facing evaporators and tool-free access. No need to move equipment around to access coils and no need for a toolbox. Regular cleaning requires half as many steps as the competition. Moreover, the rear of the evaporator assembly is insulated and sealed to minimize concerns about cleaning and microbial growth.


Mold and biofilm is a huge issue in ice machines. Biofilm is a black, slimy, microorganism that collects in various parts of unclean ice machines. It is unsightly and can cause foodborne illness. Ice-O-Matic’s Elevation Series ice machines feature an innovative and sanitary food zone. It is seamless and easy to wipe, with no exposed hardware and a BPA free splash guard. LED indicators signal when cleaning is needed, and simple switches allow for one-touch sanitizing and de-liming.


Cleaner ice machines are not only safer, they run more efficiently using less electricity and producing more ice. They also require fewer service calls. This helps Ice-O-Matic provide the longest extended warranty available in the market and more “ice for the price” than other brands. Ice-O-Matic’s simple and inexpensive water filter program can further protect your customers and your investment, while extending the warranty on your evaporator unit from 5 to 7 years.


For more on the Ice-O-Matic’s Elevation Series of ice machines, visit Ice-O-Matic’s website, and try out their online Machine Calculator to find the ideal model for your needs.