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Ice-O-Matic Elevation, The Best Ice For the Best Care

by Carla Landi

Let’s give healthcare workers
all the support we can.


When all you can eat is ice, it better be good, abundant, and clean. Elevation ice machines take the pressure off of healthcare professionals when it comes to serving ice. Ice-O-Matic’s Elevation Series of cube ice machines feature a sealed evaporator, one-touch cleaning, and a dishwasher safe food zone to make sure your patients receive the cleanest ice possible.


Each patient requires at least 10 lbs. of ice per day. That’s a lot of ice. The last thing healthcare providers want to worry about, among everything else they are dealing with, is serving patients compromised ice.


Designed to simplify life, when it comes to maintenance, the Elevation Series™ couldn’t be easier to service.  Watch the video for a demonstration.

The Elevation Series™ is ahead of its time, meeting or exceeding all D.O.E. regulations with up to 20% more energy efficiency and BPA-free parts. With its plug-and-play design, the Elevation Series™ is easy to install. The mission-critical indicators keep you one step ahead of problems, while its Smart Harness™ control board, universal components, and digital diagnostics make servicing easy.


Here are some ice machines recommended by Ice-O-Matic, specifically for Healthcare operations.

Elevation Cube Ice Machine CIM0330/0335

Elevation modular cube ice machines produce up to 310 lbs. of ice per day. They offer a safe and user-friendly machine packed with innovative features to simplify life.


Flake Ice Maker MFI1256/1255

These flake ice makers produce up to 1,149 lbs. per day. Ice-O-Matic self-contained flake ice makers offer a variety of practical, reliable options for carefree operation. Each machine offers a built-in insulated storage bin for maximum ice preservation.


Pearl Ice® Machine GEM0650/GEM0655

This modular ice maker produces up to 770 lbs. per day.  The highly desired Pearl Ice is the soft, chewable, longer-lasting ice that consumers love. It dispenses well, blends fast, and displaces liquid better than cubes.


Pearl Ice® Water Dispenser GEMD270

These “Ice Only” and “Water and Ice” dispensers feature practical designs that make them durable, reliable and easy to operate. Direct dispensing ensures the ice hits the glass and also prevents overflow and waste. Plus, a bigger dispensing area allows more clearance for larger containers.


We are all grateful for healthcare professionals and all they do for us on a daily basis.  Let’s do all we can to support their efforts and try to make their life a little easier.