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Blend in the New Year with Hamilton Beach Commercial

By Lee Davis, CFSP


New Year’s Eve is just a few days away and I was thinking about how to perk up a traditional New Year’s Eve party with a specialty beverage. Blender drinks are always a fun way to get a party going. Even devoted beer and wine drinkers will set aside their preferred libations long enough to sample a featured blender drink if the host offers it up as a party special. But I couldn’t figure out how to combine the appeal of a blender drink with the time-honored tradition of serving Champagne to ring in the New Year?


I own a Hamilton Beach Rio™ bar blender, so I called my friends at Hamilton Beach Commercial for advice. Within minutes I had an answer: Cazuela en Champagne. It’s an easy and versatile drink recipe. Simply puree your choice of fruits and/or berries in your blender, adding powdered sugar to taste, then chill. Come party time, pour some the puree into a glass and top with Champagne, sparkling wine, or non-alcoholic sparkling cider. You can find the official recipe in the “Recipes” section of the Hamilton Beach Commercial Blog. While your there, check out these other blender recipes I found:



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You’ll also find recipes for main dishes, desserts, and healthy smoothies. Check out the complete line of commercial food, drink and bar blenders while you’re there and Blend in the New Year with Hamilton Beach Commercial.