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Globe Vacuum Packaging Machines

Are you looking to offer schedule flexibility for your culinary talent? What if Chefs could come in just a few days a week and prepare time-consuming culinary creations to be served throughout the weeks ahead. Sounds good. But, how do you capture that just-made freshness and flavor? The answer is Vacuum Packaging, a crucial component for many foodservice operations today.


As restaurant owners look for ways to curtail the rising costs of food and labor plus reduce waste in 2022, many are turning to equipment manufacturers for innovative solutions. Globe Vacuum Packaging checks the boxes on the list of ways to increase restaurant profits and kitchen efficiency.


What else can Globe’s Vacuum Packaging Machines do for your operation?

  • Keep food fresh longer with safer food storage.
  • Reduce food waste by sealing leftovers for reuse.
  • Store food in perfect portions for advanced food preparation.
  • Protect from dehydration and freezer burn, reducing waste.
  • Seal in flavor for a higher quality finished product.

Globe offers the GVP6 Standard vacuum packaging machine for smaller operations with light to moderate use, the GVP20 Standard for mid-large operations with moderate use, and the GVP20A Advanced for mid-large operations with specific demands. Click here for the fresh perspective on Globe Vacuum Packaging machines.


What are the differences in the Advanced Model?


The GVP20A brings a more intuitive and precise vacuum packaging prep experience with premium features for a more demanding environment. It has an LED Display with 20 soft programs and five language options: English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. The soft Vacuum gradually removes the atmosphere from the chamber to preserve liquids, avoiding boiling and separation of ingredients. In addition, the Soft Air adjustment of the airflow at the end of the cycle prevents product compression.


The GVP20A has a Gas Flush that removes the atmosphere and replaces it with a gas mixture to increase shelf life, prevent certain products’ discoloration, protect fragile products, and limit microorganism growth.


The intermittent marination vacuum with marinade introduces more flavor into meats in a fraction of the time.


Check out the video for a closer look.

Globe vacuum packaging machines are the perfect solution for every busy foodservice operation. Visit Globe for more information,