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G.E.T. BambooServe™ – A More Sustainable Solution

By Lee Davis, CFSP


Wood products are among the most sustainable products on earth. Wood can be regrown and recycled. It also decomposes quickly in landfills. As a raw material, bamboo (technically a grass) just might be the most sustainable wood product on Earth due to its availability and rate of growth. Bamboo can be found in East Asia, Australia, India, Africa, and North to South America. Some species have a growth rate of more than one inch per hour!


I’ve long been a fan of bamboo in manufactured products, from flooring and furniture, to textiles and watercraft. So I was fascinated to see the new BambooServe™ dinnerware line from G.E.T. Enterprises, LLC. It is a 100% natural line of plates, bowls and ramekins crafted from 97% bamboo fiber and 3% peach gum (another wood product). It is glazed with natural materials for added protection and luster. It’s also commercial dishwasher safe for up to 1,000 uses.



G.E.T.’s BambooServe™ has a clean, stylish look, with elements of both classic and contemporary. It comes in five colors with mix & match shapes and sizes that allow for an endless variety of tabletop designs. It is great for restaurants, bars, bistros, cafeterias, schools, healthcare, poolside and patio service. It is biodegradable and provides a greener, more sustainable solution for eco-conscious foodservice operations.


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