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Garland XPress Grill

By Carla Landi


Garland’s XPress Grill is a perfect addition to a smart kitchen line-up. The National Restaurant Association recently recognized Garland’s XPress Grill as a 2017 Kitchen Innovation Award Winner. I’m happy to say, we had a chance to check it out at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago, and it definitely lived up to all of the excitement.


The XPress Grill is a clamshell grill with programming capabilities and versatility that speeds up cooking times, controls energy usage, creates consistent results, and more. It takes about 15 minutes to acquaint operators with the full potential of this grill to the point where they are trained and comfortable to start producing consistent, quality results.


The grill has up to three lanes that can all be set to different temperatures or even turned off when not in use. You can grill a variety of food products at one time. The larger gap option from the top to the bottom opens up opportunities for a wide variety of menu items. Whether you choose a single, double, or triple lane unit, you can’t go wrong.


Watch the video for a closer look at Garland’s game-changing Innovation Winner.