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Garland High Efficiency Broiler

By Carla Landi


Garland built a broiler that makes a lot of sense for chefs and busy foodservice operations. Broilers have never been known for efficiency or ease of use, until now. Garland’s High Efficiency Broilers are designed to carry their weight in restaurant kitchens.


They easily fire up with a Quick-Switch start-up. The electronic ignition eliminates the need for pilot lights and with less BTU’s than competitive models, reduces fuel consumption by as much as 20%. Heat is transferred in a more controlled manner providing consistent quality results. Steaks are perfectly seared on the outside and cooked to the proper temperature on the inside. Because the heat is distributed evenly across the entire surface, there is no need to search for hot spots.


These broilers are built to last with cast iron burners and solid stainless steel construction. They’re easy to clean with removable modular grates, side shields, and drip trays. To make things even easier, Garland equipped each broiler with the cleaning tools you will need to get the job done.


Bottom Line: Garland knows you need equipment in your kitchen that you can count on, while running an efficient operation. Building a broiler that delivers consistent results with long-term energy savings is a winner for foodservice professionals.


Watch the video below for more information and an in-depth look at the features and benefits of this High Efficiency Broiler.