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Flatware Design Fundamentals with Oneida

By Matt Kurnick

Oneida Foodservice has a proud tradition of designing flatware that is both decorative and functional. This tradition is deeply rooted in strong design fundamentals. The three prevailing design perspectives that inform much of Oneida's work are Baroque, Modern, and Classic. The same is true for some of Oneida's newest flatware. Unveiled this year, Oneida's Michelangelo, features traditional baroque design with its campus leaf and floral elements. This line is excellent for vintage or retro cocktail lounges as well as higher end hotels and restaurants. Oneida's Reflections collection is Modern Scandinavian design at its finest. Its almost liquid look and noticeable in-hand weight make it great for fine dining. The final design perspective is Classic, and it inspired the Colosseum collection. Its pillared look represents the geometric feel of classic design and can really help an operator reinforce the identity of his brand. For more from Oneida Foodservice, click here.