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Catering with Cambro

by Carla Landi


How many times have you heard the following two questions at an event or party you attended, “Who’s your caterer?” and “could I have their card?” Word of mouth is the best way to promote the delicious food and top-notch experience you bring to the party. Execute the perfect catering event with five products from Cambro.


Chefs and catering directors prepare all of the food to perfection and plan every detail to ensure happy customers. Transporting all your delicious food and beverages to each location as if it never left the restaurant is key to a successful event. That’s where Cambro comes in!


There are 5 Cambro products you should bring to every catering event.



These lightweight insulated carriers with a structural strength protect your carefully prepared meals. The expanded polypropylene material protects hot or cold food for 4+ hours. Full-size lids are available in six colors to allow operators to organize and color-code food boxes. You can mix and match, stack, add GoBox Beverage holders, and more. This budget-friendly insulated carrier is also dishwasher safe, CFC-free, and 100% recyclable. Cambro GoBoxes are an excellent investment for your catering and food delivery business. Many sizes and options are available to meet and exceed your specific needs. Find the perfect GoBox® option for your operation.


The Pro Cart Ultra maintains hot and chilled foods in the same cart with the flexibility to switch it up if needed! The energy-efficient hot electric module heats between 150°-165°F (65.5°-74°C), and the cold module powered by thermoelectric cooling, chills between 32.5°-40°F (0.3°-4.4°C). Carts have a solar digital thermometer for at-a-glance monitoring.


The ergonomic molded-in handles and heavy-duty 6” casters, two swivels with brakes in front and two rigid in the back, offer safe maneuvering. Adjustable stainless steel rails hold up to 32 GN 1/1 2 ½” (6.4 cm) deep food pans or 16 full-size 18” x 26” (46 x 66 cm) sheet pans or pizza boxes. If you need to unplug for a task or location change, the CFC-free insulation will keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold for 4+ hours. These carts also include a 5” x 8” (12 x 20.3 cm) menu pocket that accepts index cards or grease pencils to keep everything organized and running smoothly.


This heavy-duty insulated server is a workhorse that will keep your drinks safely chilled or piping hot for many hours! It’s a must-have for catering events! The drip-free recessed faucet eliminates drips and ensures even dispensing, with continuous and individual pouring positions, and the vent cap maintains ideal pressure for easy opening.


The Camtainer features molded-in ergonomic handles for safe transport. Each Camtainer comes with a sticker label set including Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Punch, Ice Tea, Hot Water, and Blank for customization. When it’s time for clean-up, just put them in the dishwasher, and they are ready to go for your next event.



Your opportunity to create the perfect memorable event is a Cambar. The BAR540 is ultra-portable and economical, ideal for off-premise catering and events with limited space. They have everything you need, including a 5-bottle speed rail and an 80-pound (36,3 kg) capacity ice sink for a bottle, can, or mixer service.


They travel well and always look good; designed from impact-resistant, waterproof plastic, this bar will not crack, dent, bubble, rust, or chip while remaining easy to take apart and clean. They are ready to roll when you are with 5” swivel casters with two brakes. Raise the bar at the catering events you provide for your current and potential customers.


This Cambro Handwash Accessory is the solution to handwashing for safe food service, even when running water is not readily accessible at off-site catering events. Wash your hands with soap and warm running water wherever you are with the Cambro Catering supplies you have on hand. The handwashing accessory works with 2½ or 5-gallon Camtainers (250LCD and 500LCD) or Ultra Camtainers (UC250 and UC500). They come with either a paper towel holder or a multi-fold paper towel dispenser (HWATD) and a soap pump. They are portable, easy, and brilliant. Attach the Cambro Handwash Accessory to your existing Camtainer to set up an instant handwash station!

When the party starts, it’s go time! There’s only one opportunity to make first and lasting impressions. That’s why Cambro provides solutions that offer reliability and quality consistency that you can count on.  No surprises. Visit for more products that lighten your load and help you bring your best to the table.