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Fisher Foot Valves – Keeping Customers Safe

By Lee Davis, CFSP


Your water faucet becomes contaminated with bacteria when you touch it with your dirty hands to turn it on. Then you wash your hands. Once done, you grab ahold of the previously contaminated water faucet to turn it off…and re-contaminate your hands in the process. Touch-free faucets eliminate the problem, but if you’ve ever spent time waving your hands around in front of one, trying to get the water to flow, then you understand why it may not be the optimal solution for a workplace where thorough and effective hand washing is a critical food safety issue.


Fisher has the answer with a selection of high quality foot valves in chrome polished stainless steel or brass, with stainless steel seats and anodized aluminum pedals. They are ideal for employee areas and commercial kitchens. Employees can control the flow of the water without ever touching the sink. Dual pedal models allow for hot or cold water. Configurations include floor mount or wall mount. Fisher even offers “knee valve” variations.


Fisher uses industry standard seats and gaskets and their stainless steel seats are guaranteed for life. All valves are self-closing so when the employee steps away, the water turns off. Renewable cartridges make for simple maintenance if gaskets ever become worn.


Awareness of hand washing issues and their relationship to food safety has grown in recent years. A better educated public and a scandal-hungry electronic and social media, have brought foodborne illness cases to the forefront of the daily news. Many operators have suffered as a result of overlooking the importance of simple hand washing. Fisher can help you keep your food and your customers safe with hands-free foot valves for every type of commercial kitchen sink.