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Fish Prep and Precise Temperature Management

By Lee Davis

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting a training webinar for Chef Michael Williams, the Executive Chef for Unified Brands. One topic covered in the webinar was fish prep and precise temperature management. Chef Michael shared a quotation from one of his colleagues to illustrate the importance of keeping fresh fish cold:

“Maintaining the chain of temperature from the time seafood is harvested until it is cooked is the single most important factor in determining quality … For every 10 degrees over 32F, the shelf life is cut in half.”
– Chef Tenney Flynn
GW Fins, New Orleans, LA

Wow! I thought back to my prep cook days. Just how long did those fresh fish fillets sit out on my wooden cutting board in the hot kitchen while I pulled out the pin bones one-by-one?  How many degrees of temperature did those fillets rise before I got them packed in ice and returned to the walk-in? 10 degrees? 20 degrees? More? And who knows how much product and how many dollars were thrown away because we didn’t know the importance of temperature management?

Chef Michael not only drove the point home, he introduced a solution in the form of an Iceless Fish Cutting Station designed and built by Unified Brands under their Randell moniker. It was designed for convenience, and to expedite the fish prepping process while maintaining cold temperatures throughout.

Perhaps the most notable features of the Fish Station are the FX Precise Temperature Drawers. FX Drawer technology holds fish precisely at the optimal temperature of 31F. The FX Drawers do not require ice, and tests show that they preserve the quality and palatability of fresh fish much longer than a typical walk-in set at 38F.

Also impressive is the frost-top work surface and refrigerated cutting boards. The kitchen may be hot, but the cutting boards will help keep fish cold while filleting, deboning and portioning.

A full-length pitched trough runs behind the work surface and provides a great place to throw scraps while prepping fish. It empties into a scrap sink on the left.  The scrap sink has a removable stainless steel cover and overhead shelf. The Fish Station also features a raised refrigerated rail with drain.

The Randell Iceless Fish Cutting Station was carefully designed using advice and input from professional chefs. It provides a convenient and sanitary area for fish preparation, and saves money by minimizing waste and extending the shelf life of fresh fish. For more information click here or go to

Worried that fish is getting too warm during the prep process? Do you have any questions about the Randell Iceless Fish Cutting Station? Let us know in the space provided below.