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Chefs Rely On Everest Dry Aging and Thawing Refrigerators

by Carla Landi


Capture the attention of diners craving the perfectly Dry Aged steak.

Everest Dry Aging and Thawing Refrigerators make it possible to Dry Age meat in as little as 2 to 7 days, compared to other Dry Agers that average 21 to 30 days. These refrigerators are a game-changer for restaurants.

Why is Dry Aged meat sought after by consumers?

Dry Aged beef is one of the ultimate steak-eating experiences a restaurant can provide for its customers.


The controlled maturation of meat by regulating its temperature and humidity in-house is gaining popularity for chefs and restaurant owners as customers crave the results. The Dry Aging process results in refined texture, delicious tenderness, intense flavors, and savory aroma. 


Many restaurants bring in their meat already Dry Aged. However, you can do it yourself with Everest Dry Ager and Thawing Refrigerators. In addition, some restaurants enhance the dining experience for their guests by making thawing refrigerators visible to customers.


Why are restaurant owners turning to Everest for Dry Aging Refrigerators?

Everest Dry Agers feature high velocity, low-noise fans that cycle air in dual directions for a faster Dry Aging process. You will realize less meat loss resulting in higher yields. They are lab-certified for safety, provide enhanced meat quality, and offer better savings and return on investment.


The high-quality stainless steel exterior with glass doors equipped with low emissivity double glass panes and matte finish aluminum door frames is attractive and functional. The self-closing doors have an adjustable torsion system for a positive tight seal. Snap-in magnetic door gasket makes cleaning and replacement an easy process. They also include strong, die-cast door handles and pre-installed door locks to keep your product safe from theft.


There are no walls between compartments creating an open space interior. The four stainless steel shelves per section are height adjustable with stainless steel clips. PFOA-free, ceramic coated aluminum interior walls diffuse infrared rays, which enhance the meat maturation process. Shielded LED bar lighting has an on/off switch and provides bright, high color illumination at a lower heat output. The multi-function digital controller has an easy-to-read LED display making it easy to monitor the process from across the kitchen.


The bottom-mounted, self-contained, and fully detachable Blizzard R290 condensing unit uses environmentally friendly, EPA-compliant R290 refrigerant with zero (0) Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and three (3) Global Warming Potential (GWP). In addition, Blizzard R290 is easily replaceable and requires no on-site brazing.


It’s all here in Everest Dry Ager & Thawing Refrigerators. So if you’re looking to differentiate your restaurant experience for your guests in 2022, this may be your answer.