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Energy Saving, Smart Refrigeration From Cold Zone

By Lee Davis, CFSP

How would you like to purchase an energy saving device for your walk-in refrigeration system that pays for itself in two years, and then continues to deliver dividends throughout the life of your system? Cold Zone, a premium brand of Heat Transfer Products Group, LLC, offers just such a device. It’s called the Surveillant Evaporator Controller.

Reading the “Theory of Operation” literature from Cold Zone, I envision Surveillant as kind of an electric brain that monitors a refrigeration system looking for inefficiencies and any opportunity to eliminate wasted energy. Among other things, Surveillant monitors defrost cycles and delays them until necessary.

Freezer units require periodic defrosting. Frequency varies throughout the year depending on use, access, the amount of product being stored, and ambient temperatures. Most systems cycle frequently enough to handle worst case conditions. But when conditions are optimal, those systems are probably cycling more frequently than necessary, and wasting energy.

Cold Zone’s Surveillant Evaporator Controller extends the time between defrosts in two ways. First, fans and fan speed are electronically monitored and managed to minimize frost buildup. Second, Surveillant determines the amount of frost on the coils by monitoring coil performance. As frost builds up, and performance drops, Surveillant triggers a defrost cycle. But if the coil’s performance remains optimal, Surveillant extends the time for a defrost cycle from hours out to days. Over traditional controllers, that reduces the number of defrosts by 84%, and that saves energy.

Surveillant boasts a number of other energy saving features, including improvements in the management of superheat and advanced electronic expansion valve technology. It also offers Ethernet Communications capability. The engineers at Cold Zone seem to have thought of everything, and we wonder which is smarter: the Surveillant Evaporator Controller or the customer who decides to buy it.

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