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Master-Bilt Endless Glass Door Merchandisers

By Carla Landi


Master-Bilt designed the Bottom Mount Endless Glass Door Merchandisers (BEM/BEL models) to help foodservice professionals increase sales. That’s the main goal. At the same time, operators need to be able to merchandise product efficiently and effectively.


Let’s face it, displaying more product is essential to selling more product. That’s why Master-Bilt equipped these merchandisers with 23” deep shelving, offering a larger cubic foot pack-out area than standard merchandisers. They hold more product and save re-stocking time. Then they made the glass doors a full 70” for increased visibility of the product. In fact, 100% of pack-out falls within the visible merchandising area. The Design Lighting Consortium listed LED lights on these units produce more lumens per watt, showing the product in its best light, and adding to the overall energy efficiency of the unit.


Now, let’s look at the energy efficiency. Master-Bilt furnished these merchandisers with the new EC motors which are 65% more efficient than standard evaporator motors. The optimized front air curtain with reversed air flow prevents warm, moist air from entering the case during door openings.


All of these features and merchandising solutions are enclosed within a built-tough exterior with 2-1/2” thick panels. They are available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 door modules in both remote refrigeration and self-contained installations.


Watch the video below for more information.