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Edlund’s New UV Knife Sterilizer Cabinet

edlund_logoBy Matt Kurnick

When using the new ultra-violet-light powered knife sterilizer cabinet from Edlund, sunglasses are optional.

The Helios KSUV Knife Sterilizer Cabinet, which fits up to 12 knives, utilizes concentrated UV rays to sterilize its contents. The cabinet can be set for as many as 15 minutes, but will clean cutlery in as little as three minutes with 99% effectiveness. Edlund boasts that it’s like a SPF-99 (Sterilization Protection Factor) for knives.

In addition to doing an excellent job sterilizing knives, the cabinet also features stainless steel construction and a UV filtered plexiglass door with lockable keyed handle, making it great for storing knives. As a safety precaution, when the door is open, the sterilization process cannot be initiated, and if the process has already started, it will stop if the door is opened.

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