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Doyon’s TRIO Ventless Pizza Oven

By Carla Landi


Don’t let the size fool you.   The Doyon RPO3 TRIO Pizza Oven may be little, but it can cook three 18” pizzas in five minutes! The rotating perforated nickel decks, with the Jet Air reversing fan system, allow operators to quickly serve evenly baked pizzas with the perfect crust. These ovens are ventless, which means you can use them anywhere without a hood. Features include a drop down door with a window, touchpad controls, and a temperature range that reaches up to 600°F.


As we approach the busy time of year for pizzas, you may want to consider putting one of these in your kitchen line-up. The sweet surprise will be that this oven is perfect for so many more of your menu items as well.  Chefs can also bake bread, rolls, cookies, pies, cakes, and so much more.


It won’t take up much room on the counter with a 27-1/2″ width, 34″ depth, and a 28-1/2″ height. But, it will produce BIG results.  The Doyon TRIO Ventless Pizza Oven has the capacity to cook thirty 18″ pizzas or sixty 9″ pizzas in one hour.