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Dormont FloPro-MD

By Carla Landi


Dormont’s new FloPro-MD is three tools in one. It replaces the need for a Flowmeter, Manometer, and a calculator. It’s basically a gas flow and pressure measurement system that allows you to quickly diagnose gas flow or pressure issues with confidence.  There is no math needed, the FloPro-MD does all the calculations. It displays real time data and automatically converts gas flow rate (CFH) to capacity (BTU/hr). Simply view and log real time data via a Bluetooth connected smart device.


Ideal for servicing, diagnostics, and routine maintenance.  It features a compact, lightweight design for ease of use.  Installation is easy with common, off-the-shelf tools. The FloPro-MD is compatible with Natural Gas (NG) and Propane (LPG) commercial kitchen appliances and equipment at specified flow rates.


This is a fantastic tool to have in your commercial kitchen.  Be sure to download the free app available at the Google Play™ or Apple® App Store.


Watch the video for a closer look.