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Delfield’s Hot Food Well Technologies

By Carla Landi


We recently caught up with Tim Wilczak of Delfield to get the scoop on their hot food well technologies. He showed us their 1,000 watt wells and their ESP low watt wells. Both the 1,000 watt and the ESP low watt food well have some very important features in common. They can both be provided as a drop-in or a built-in unit. They both provide great temperature performance, flexibility to be built together into multiple wells while maintaining individual controls for each well, and of course, NSF certification for food safety.


Delfield’s 1,000 watt well is a performer, with a simple temperature dial control on the front. You can create a battery of up to six wells, and have the ability to control the temperature on each well, and even turn one or two off during slower times.


The step up from Delfield’s 1000 watt well is their Drop in style ESP low watt hot food well. It provides the same temperature performance, control and flexibility, and NSF certifications as the 1000 watt well, but it uses half the wattage. The Delfield ESP low watt hot food well is equipped with digital controls and provides increased efficiency over the 1000 watt wells.


No matter which well you choose, you can count on Delfield for reliable and safe food holding. Watch the video below for a closer look at Delfield’s Hot Well Technologies and individually controlled hot food wells.

Delfield High Efficiency Food Wells