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Cruisin’ with the Hamilton Beach Summit Blender

By Lee Davis

hamilton logoIt’s January, it’s snowing, and I know would you rather be sitting on a cruise ship off the coast of anyplace warm right now, sipping on a tall blender drink topped with assorted fruit and a paper cocktail umbrella.

I recently had a conversation with Jim Betz, Regional Sales Manager for Hamilton Beach Commercial and he told me an interesting fact about cruise lines. In the three years since it was first introduced, one particular blender, the Hamilton Beach Summit High Performance Blender with Auto Blend, has become the blender of choice for the cruise line industry.

Why would all the major cruise lines pick the same make and model of blender for their onboard bars? “The main reason is the Airflow Baffle system,” Jim explained. On the Summit Blender, the Airflow Baffles constantly circulate cool air around the motor. “When you’re making blender drinks back to back, all day long like they do on those cruise ships,” said Jim, “the baffle system keeps the motor cool so it continues to operate without any problems.”

Air Flow BafflePerformance and durability are the real issues here. “When a cruise ship is sailing out on the ocean somewhere,” explained Jim, “we can’t just fly a service guy out in a helicopter to fix a broken blender. The blender they take on board with them must be able to perform all day long, with 100% reliability.” The Summit blender is designed and built to meet that challenge.

The Summit blender also has features that make inconsistency and blending mistakes a thing of the past. For example, it comes with hundreds of pre-programmed blend cycles and an Auto Blend feature that monitors the blender’s speed and power usage to determine when the perfect drink consistency has been achieved. The Wave Action system continuously pushes ingredients down into the blades, and if there isn’t enough liquid in the container for a proper blend, the Summit will even stop and tell the user to add liquid.

No matter who is using the Hamilton Beach Summit blender, or how much experience they have, the customer will always get the same quality drink every time. That should be a goal for every foodservice operation that serves frozen drinks. That’s cruisin’.

The Summit High Performance Blender with Auto Blend has many other features worth noting. Click below to watch a video, or go to the Hamilton Beach Commercial website for more information and specifications.