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Crown Verity Delivers the Outdoor Experience

By Lee Davis, CFSP


Customers today are not satisfied with just good food and reasonable prices. To keep them coming back, and celebrating your operation on Facebook, you’ve got to deliver an experience in dining. What if you could offer that experience by creating your perfect kitchen, putting it on wheels, and then moving it outdoors? There is something special about outdoor dining. Whether lunching on grilled vegetables and chicken fillets in the afternoon sun, or savoring fried prawns and steamed lobsters under the stars, eating outdoors is always memorable. We associate it with special moments like family reunions, vacations, cookouts, festivals, celebrations, and picnics.


The folks at Crown Verity are the experts when it comes to outdoor-dining. And we’re not just talking about gas-powered grills. Crown Verity has a full line of cooking equipment, including grills, griddles, steamers, fryers, and gas side-burners, built and designed to help you deliver the outdoor experience. Additionally, they have patio heaters to keep customers cozy, and island accessories like refrigeration units, drawer units, and ice chests. Moreover, Crown Verity has a line of portable hand sinks to satisfy your local health code requirements and keep your customers safe. Accessories like wind guards, smoker boxes and rotisseries provide everything you need for your outdoor kitchen.


Outdoor dining can expand your seating capacity and generate excitement about your venue. It gives past customers a reason to return for a new experience, and new customers a reason to try you out for the first time. Putting the whole kitchen outside even adds a bit of cooking theater to outdoor dining and allows chefs a unique opportunity to interact with their customers and showcase their skills.


Outdoor dining isn’t limited to shoreline venues or resorts with five-star mountain views. You can set up an outdoor kitchen at a hotel pool, country club lawn, stadium, marina, schoolyard, beach bar, courtyard, catered event, high-rise rooftop, fairground, or even the parking lot of your own microbrewery. The atmosphere can be fine dining by moonlight, fast casual in the fresh air, or barbecue outside on a picnic table. Already have a mobile kitchen, add a towable grill to your food truck or van to expand your menu and set yourself apart from your competitors. Whatever outdoor experience you want to deliver, Crown Verity will help you succeed and tap into one of the fastest growing trends in foodservice today.


Take a quick moment to view the videos below and see some of the Crown Verity equipment in action. Then go to the for more information and inspiration. While there, don’t miss the opportunity to try out the “Build Your Own Grill” feature. It allows you to custom design the perfect Crown Verity grill for your business or backyard.