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Continental Refrigerator Sandwich Units

By Carla Landi


We recently caught up with Mike Coyle from Continental Refrigerator to get the scoop on their Sandwich Units. Continental’s Sandwich Prep Units really make a lot of sense for busy foodservice professionals. Food pans are flush with the top of the unit providing a nicer presentation of food and less air flow over the product. Visual lids allow easy management of condiments and other ingredients. The built-in electronic control provides better control and monitoring of temperature. The really great thing about these sandwich units is the versatility. Continental knows that the needs of foodservice operations change along the way, so they made it easy to change doors to drawers and drawers to doors in the field as you grow.


With the details and features built into these units, it’s easy to see why Continental Refrigerator is considered a Solution Provider! Watch the video below for more information.