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Continental Refrigerator Offers Flexible Solutions

By Carla Landi

During these challenging and changing times, flexibility within a foodservice operation is key. The need to update equipment to accommodate new menu items, service applications, and COVID safety precautions, is a real factor today.


Continental Refrigerator has always been about product flexibility. What does that mean? They always think about the operator’s changing needs. Their refrigeration equipment is built with flexible components and options that can easily be changed in the field. If a restaurant owner purchases a refrigerated sandwich unit with two doors on the front but decides later they would rather have one door and two drawers, operators can easily make this adjustment in the field without having to purchase a whole new unit.  Continental Refrigerator prides itself on delivering FLEXIBLE Refrigeration Equipment Solutions designed specifically for the commercial foodservice market. Offering equipment flexibility to specifically address the changing needs of foodservice operations in the wake of COVID was a no-brainer for Continental.


Continental is working hard to engineer their units for safer, cleaner kitchen environments. They have added new options that allow the surfaces of refrigeration equipment to be more sanitary.


Continental offers SANIGUARD® antimicrobial coated handles. SANIGUARD® antimicrobial product protection utilizes a patented, inorganic silver-ion technology to inhibit the growth of non-public health bacteria, odor-causing molds and mildews, staining, and product deterioration. This is a great solution to keep handles cleaner and fresher between routine cleanings.


Continental Refrigerator offers the option of foot treadles for upright refrigeration units. Foot treadles are being attached to the bottom of upright refrigeration units to allow the foodservice operators to use their foot, rather than their hands, to open the door. This keeps dirty hands off of handles and reduces the risk of spread from high-touch surfaces.


Continental Refrigerator is one to keep an eye on as their solutions are always changing with the changing needs of foodservice operators. That’s the way it should be.


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