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Cold Zone Refrigeration Rack Systems – One Neat Package

By Lee Davis, CFSP


Rapidly growing in popularity, Rack Systems allow customers to consolidate all refrigeration needs into one neat package. Think of all the large equipment items in the typical foodservice operation that require a refrigeration system: walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer, ice machine, reach-ins, merchandisers and display cases. Now imagine if all those items were tied into a single remote refrigeration system, with refrigeration lines running to each item as needed.


Cold Zone is one of the leading manufacturers of Rack Systems and the only manufacturer that is vertically integrated (meaning they manufacture their own evaporator coils and condenser surfaces too). This advantage helps lower transactional costs, ensures consistent quality, and allows for customization of the product.


Cold Zone Rack Systems feature pre-wired electrical panels. When a new piece of equipment is added to the system, there is no expensive electrical run or added circuit breakers. The equipment simply wires up to the existing circuit board. Additionally, single point piping and roof penetrations reduce the potential for costly leaks, and allow the new equipment lines to be patched into the system at the same indoor location.


Cold Zone systems also feature oversized condensers and variable speed compressors to save on energy consumption. Most of all, with a Cold Zone Remote Rack System, you won’t have individual pieces of equipment, like ice machines, walk-ins and reach-ins, all venting hot condenser air inside of a kitchen area that you are trying to keep air conditioned. All hot condenser air is exhausted from the remote location. All compressor noise remains remote as well.


Cold Zone UL listed systems are available for roof, pad or remote indoor installations. Demand Defrost saves energy because defrost cycles are only initiated when actually needed. ColdZone units also feature digitally controlled fan motors that can modulate their speed to adjust compressor capacity. This allows ColdZone to reduce energy costs by up to 30% while providing temperature control within ½ degree F.


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