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By Carla Landi


It’s no secret that expenses can get out of hand pretty quickly in a busy bar operation. It’s very easy to lose profits on over-pours without realizing it. That’s why having the right equipment and supplies behind the bar can make all the difference in your profits. Luckily, Co-Rect Bar Products offers several money saving solutions for bar owners, including their Measured Pourers, which can help minimize lost profits by giving bartenders the ability to consistently mix drinks with accurate alcohol pours, every time.


Co-Rect’s Vinyl Coated Cocktail Shakers are a great addition to any bar operation as well. The vinyl coating on the shaker provides a nice grip for bartenders preparing drinks. It’s also a natural insulator for cold drinks. Put a set of multiple colors behind the bar and create a nice color-coding system. There are a lot of benefits to these shakers, but they also just look great. Patrons love watching bartenders mix up drinks, and having these on hand is another way to kick up the presentation.


Another must-have on the list of Co-Rect products is their Roll Top Condiment Holder. The differentiator on these is the center hinged lid, meaning they can be reached from both the front or the back of the unit. Makes a lot of sense.


And if all that wasn’t enough, Co-Rect also offers high-end Wood Bar Caddies. These caddies are perfect for keeping your bar top clean and organized, while at the same time providing an upscale look and feel.


These are just a few of the products that help foodservice professionals run a successful bar and beverage business.


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Vinyl Coated Cocktail Shaker

Roll Top Condiment Holder

Wood Bar Caddy