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CMA’s New EnergyStar® Front Loading Dishmachine

By Carla Landi


CMA’s new EST-FL or EnergyStar® Front-Loader, opens up new dishwashing opportunities for foodservice operations. Now smaller restaurants and fast foodservice markets can have all of the convenience and speed of a commercial upright, without sacrificing a lot of space.


CMA’s EnergyStar® Front Loader does not have side openings that require tables for loading the dish racks. The machine opens in the front and allows operators to use the door as a table.


It performs and keeps up with a commercial foodservice environment. 90 second cycles clean the dishes using only 1.09 gallons of water per rack. Sump and scrap tray catches food particles so they don’t go down the drain. It comes with the option to add a hot water assurance tank that heats incoming water and guarantees the water temperature will be between 120°F and 140°F to wash your dishes.


Regardless of space, it’s never been easier to add an EnergyStar® Front Loading dishmachine to your operation.


Watch the video for more information.

CMA EnergyStar® Front Loading Dishmachine