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CMA’s New High Temp Undercounter Dishmachine

By Lee Davis, CFSP


Lipstick is the scourge of any bartender. There are few customer complaints worse than a drink being sent back because the glass is stained with the former patron’s lip covering. The natural customer reaction is: “if the lipstick didn’t wash off, then what else didn’t wash off? Or did they wash the glass at all?” It can cast doubts about cleanliness of an operation that extend well beyond a single bar glass.


Low temp dishmachines don’t reliably melt and rinse away waxy cosmetics. High temp machines are your best defense, but traditional high-temp machines create too much steam and water vapor for front-of-the-house applications. CMA has introduced the perfect solution with their 181-VL. It is a single rack, front loading, undercounter dishmachine with a heat recovery system that reduces water vapor for bar applications. No more fogged up glassware, bottles and mirrors…and no more lipstick stains.


The 181-VL is Energy Star Approved for reduced energy costs. It uses only a cold water supply, but has an on board Safe-T-Temp booster heater for a consistent 180° final rinse. It has a three-minute cycle and can wash 600 glasses per hour. With a raised door for easy unloading, and an automatic fill function, it couldn’t be simpler for employees to operate.


The 181-VL also has a Soft Start feature. It gently ramps-up the water pressure at the beginning of each cycle so that delicate stemware and glasses aren’t knocked over or broken by an initial blast of wash water. The Soft Start feature also reduces noise.


With 304 Stainless Steel construction, a 1.0 HP corrosion resistant pump, and stainless steel upper and lower wash arm, the 181-VL is built for trouble free operation. It even has a Removable Stainless Steel pump protection screen for easy cleaning.


The 181-VL is just one more in a large lineup of dishmachine solutions offered by CMA. For more information on this and other CMA models, visit