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CMA’s New Frontloading Ventless Dishmachine

By Lee Davis, CFSP


Not too long ago, CMA introduced their CMA-180-VL Ventless Dishmachine. The unit’s heat recovery system captures normally exhausted heat and water vapor from the wash-rinse cycle, and condenses it, heating incoming cold water before it reaches the booster heater. Water feeding the booster heater is warmer, so less energy is required to bring it up to 180 degrees. Money is saved as a result of lower utility costs, but also because no ventilation hood is needed. This is a great solution for many applications, such as high-rise buildings, historical buildings, or tight kitchen areas where hood installation would be expensive or unfeasible.


CMA now offers a frontloading version of the same model: the CMA-180-VL-FL high temperature single rack dishmachine. The big advantage for a frontloading machine is that no entry or exit tables are required. The unit is only 25.5” wide and takes up 75% less floor space than traditional machines. The total footprint is only 7.1 square feet with the door shut. This makes it perfect for small kitchens, bars, and hospitality suites.


The door of the CMA-180-VL-FL is an optimal working height for easy loading and unloading of dishes. The unit uses standard 20” x 20” dishracks and has a large 16” dish clearance. With only 2.84 minutes per cycle, more than 20 loads per hour is possible. The unit uses only .89 gallons of water per cycle, and has wash tank screens that filter recirculating wash water and prevent the clogging of spray arms.


The 180-VL-FL is just one more in a large lineup of dishmachine solutions offered by CMA. For more information on this and other CMA models, visit