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The Cleveland Steam Jacketed Kettle Advantage

By Carla Landi


Cleveland kettles are essential for busy foodservice operations. When designing equipment, Cleveland takes a close look at all of the possible scenarios and challenges that take place in busy kitchens. You will notice that the details in these kettles are not only durable, but they address things that operators and chefs encounter every day. Features include safety marine latch, protected controls, strategically located gauge, easy to maintain solid state controls. They even include extra hardware in a packet inside the control panel.


Steam jacketed kettles offer faster cooking times because two thirds of the cooking surface comes into contact with the product at a much lower temperature, compared to stock pots that use a much higher temperature only at the bottom of the pot. Operators can rely on efficient heat transfer, uniform heating, precision temperature controls, and superior product handling, without constantly watching and stirring the product. On top of that, chefs and operators can multi-task and enjoy a cooler kitchen without having to worry about lifting heavy stock pots that are hot. Let’s not forget, steam jacketed kettles use 35% less energy than stock pots on an open burner. All in all, I would say putting steam jacketed kettles in your mix is a good way to increase quality and productivity while increasing profits and providing a safer environment for everyone in the kitchen.


Take a look at the video where Joe Nicholson from Cleveland demonstrates the benefits and opportunities provided by Cleveland’s Steam Jacketed Kettles.