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Champion’s Hood-Type High Temp Dishwashing Machine

By Carla Landi


Champion’s DH6000T (VHR) Ventless Heat Recovery dishwashing machine has it all. This machine features cold water feed only, intuitive touchscreen interface with real time temperature monitoring and active user alerts, on-board service diagnostics, ventless heat recovery, and a high efficiency 2 HP pump. The built-in booster is configured to ensure 180° rinse.  It’s field convertible – single to three, or three to single phase and from a straight to a corner operation. The large 27” door opening accommodates larger items and full size sheet pans. In fact, it has a dual NSF listing as both a dishwasher and a potwasher.


Champion knows that an efficient kitchen equals a successful operation.  To keep things rolling, the DH6000T auto starts when the hood is closed. The sleep mode feature, shuts off all internal heaters after it’s been idle for 4 hours. They have even made it easy to clean with a feature that auto drains the wash tank when the power is off. The self-draining pump and auto tank fill features are a nice plus.


But wait, there’s more. Champion’s DH6000T is now available with an optional built-in chemical pump system. This nice optional feature gives  operators complete control of their chemical usage and ordering without third party involvement.


Preserve space, water, chemicals, and energy while producing sparkling clean dishes, with a little help from our friends at Champion.