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External Suction vs. Chamber Vacuum Sealers - March 2017

By Lee Davis, CFSP   There are two basic types of vacuum sealers: external suction vacuum sealers and chamber vacuum sealers. My FoodSaver® brand sealer, that I bought through a TV infomercial years ago, is an example of the first. It does a nice job of sealing up solid foods. I use it for granola, dried fruit, cheese, loose tea, and dried herbs. Just place the food in...

Frymaster Filtration Methods - November 2016

By Carla Landi   We all know how important the process of filtration is when utilizing fryers for your menu items. Fryer oil filtration effects the quality and consistency of menu items and can significantly impact bottom line profits for an operation. Regular filtration practices can extend the life of your costly fryer oil and can make or break customer satisfaction.   It is recommended that fryer filtration...

Cold Zone Refrigeration Rack Systems – One Neat Package - September 2016

By Lee Davis, CFSP   Rapidly growing in popularity, Rack Systems allow customers to consolidate all refrigeration needs into one neat package. Think of all the large equipment items in the typical foodservice operation that require a refrigeration system: walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer, ice machine, reach-ins, merchandisers and display cases. Now imagine if all those items were tied into a single remote refrigeration system, with refrigeration lines running...

Why Take ServSafe® Training? - September 2016

By Lee Davis, CFSP   Why take ServSafe® training? Industry icon, Tedde Reid, the founder, President, and CEO of Supplies & Equipment Foodservice Alliance (SEFA) has often said: “If you work in this industry, you need to be ServSafe® certified.” For me that was enough (especially since she’s my boss). But there is little arguing that our industry, as well as our customers, benefit every time a ServSafe®...