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Learn how to establish a healthy company culture at your restaurant with these tips from KitchenBiz!

How to Create a Healthy Company Culture in Your Restaurant

By: Kim Lorang In any company, creating and maintaining a healthy culture is the key to employee retention and happiness. One might argue that this is even more important in restaurants, where team members often work long shifts and truly depend on one another to provide exceptional service...
Receive more positive reviews for your restaurant with these tips from KitchenBiz!

Positive Reviews: 4 Ways to Receive More for Your Restaurant

By Kim Lorang   The number of positive reviews your foodservice operation receives will significantly impact your bottom line. A study conducted by Trip Advisor found that online reviews influence 94% of US diners. When is the last time you checked sites like Yelp, Google, Open Table, and...
Just because COVID-19 cleaning procedures don't include going above and beyond in your sanitation measures doesn't mean you shouldn't! Learn why, in this edition of Kitchen Biz..

COVID-19 Cleaning Procedures for Restaurants

By: Kim Lorang COVID-19 has taught the world a lot. Most obviously, the pandemic has taught us the importance of being flexible and adapting to new challenges quickly. While restaurant operators are overjoyed at the prospect of re-opening their doors after months of closures, it is safe to...
Re-opening a commercial kitchen is no easy task. Click here for tips!

Re-Opening a Commercial Kitchen After COVID-19 Closures

By: Kim Lorang   All across the United States, restaurant operators are scrambling to re-open their venues and get their staff back to work after the COVID-19 pandemic has left them closed for months.   Re-opening a commercial kitchen, after being out of service for months, is a...

3 Common Problems Restaurants Face (and how to solve them!)

By: Kim Lorang   Running a profitable restaurant is no easy task. Operators face so many challenges each day, and with the overwhelming number of dining options customers have, it is important that restaurants are consistently putting their best foot forward.   While each restaurant has its own...