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New Metro Mightylite – A Mighty Good Food Holding & Transport Solution - April 2017

By Lee Davis, CFSP   If you’ve ever hoisted a traditional pan carrier off the back of a catering truck, carried one sideways through a narrow doorway, or lifted one from floor level to a counter top, then you know how awkward and downright heavy they can be to work with. Top mounted handles make it difficult to hand the carrier off to coworkers. Lifting and carrying from...

Vertex China – Versatility Redefined. - April 2017

By Carla Landi   It all happens at the table. Restaurant tabletops set the tone for the dining experience and really represent everything that your chefs are creating and the atmosphere you are portraying. The table is where you define your image, talent, and ability to provide the ultimate dining experience.   Behind the scenes, everyone is running around and working hard, while creating culinary masterpieces for the...

Co-Rect’s Copper Barware Products - March 2017

By Randy Baum   We recently caught up with Greg Loffler of Co-Rect Products at the NAFEM Show in Orlando. Greg introduced us to some of the new products that were launched at the show, including Co-Rect's full line of Copper Barware products, and also their Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Growlers. Check out the video below for more information on these great new offerings from Co-Rect Products.

Standex RSG Keg Management System - March 2017

By Randy Baum   Picture the following scenario: It's Friday night at the local Brew Pub and you're in the midst of a hectic dinner rush. A guest places an order for that popular new IPA, but the bartender informs you that the keg has just run dry. Typically, one of the bus boys would run back and swap out the keg for a new one, but they're...

Sterno’s WindGuard Fold-Away Chalkboard Chafer - February 2017

By Carla Landi   The WindGuard Fold-Away Chalkboard Chafer is a hot new product from Sterno Products. We recently caught up with Thaddaeus Smith from Sterno, to learn more about it. This is a great product. Restaurants, hotel banquets, schools, and event caterers are going to love this one. The Fold-Away Chalkboard Chafer folds flat, making it easy to transport to and from locations and is easily stored...

Cambro X-Pan™ High Heat Food Pans - February 2017

By Carla Landi   Cambro’s new X-Pan™ allows foodservice operators to safely and effectively, prep, cook, hot/hold, steam, bake, and cool food products, using one single food pan throughout various applications. It will withstand, transform, and adjust to different temperatures and applications. The X-Pan™ has a temperature range of -40°F to 375°F and is safe for use in microwaves, steam tables, and ovens. The ability to minimize food...

Lakeside Chef Cutting Board Riser - February 2017

By Carla Landi Lakeside’s new Chef Cutting Board Riser takes the strain out of prep work. Chefs can relieve the strain in their backs by standing up straighter when slicing, dicing, and chopping. This stainless steel riser elevates the work space taking away lower back strain and providing a very welcome relief to chefs everywhere. It’s lightweight and portable, so it can be moved from station to station...

CMA’s New Frontloading Ventless Dishmachine - January 2017

By Lee Davis, CFSP   Not too long ago, CMA introduced their CMA-180-VL Ventless Dishmachine. The unit’s heat recovery system captures normally exhausted heat and water vapor from the wash-rinse cycle, and condenses it, heating incoming cold water before it reaches the booster heater. Water feeding the booster heater is warmer, so less energy is required to bring it up to 180 degrees. Money is saved as a...

American Metalcraft’s New Serving Peels - January 2017

By Carla Landi   American Metalcraft brings creative serving ideas to the table with their new Serving Peels. Available in a variety of styles, these Serving Peels allow foodservice professionals to get creative and express their unique personality.   Successful restaurants know that providing the ultimate dining experience for customers includes the details that create the overall look and feel. In addition to creating loyal customers, what is...

Pitco’s New Touch Screen Controller - January 2017

By Lee Davis, CFSP   Last June, we brought you information and a video about the revolutionary Pitco ROV (Reduced Oil Fryer), with its automatic filtration feature, automatic top off system and oil quality sensor. Well, Pitco didn’t stop with those innovations. They’ve just introduced their new Pitco fryer Touch Screen Controller.   The controller has many great features and couldn’t be more intuitive to use. Menus can...