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Carter-Hoffmann Introduces Battery Operated Cabinets to the Market

By Carla Landi


New for Carter-Hoffmann and new for the industry! Carter-Hoffmann presents the only battery operated holding cabinet to the foodservice industry. It runs in full function from 4 to 6 hours, unplugged. The flexibility to move this cabinet to different events and locations without worrying about a plug is huge for foodservice professionals. It comes standard with two batteries in the bottom of the cabinet and is equipped with onboard rechargers. The heating element, controls, and fan perform equally well on the AC or DC power.


Carter-Hoffmann brings opportunities for foodservice pros to branch out of the kitchen and bring more food to the customer. There are so many possibilities for foodservice operations with the new technology that Carter-Hoffman is offering here.


Watch the video for more information.

Carter-Hoffmann GTH7 Holding Cabinet