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The New TrimLine™ Waste Container Dolly from Carlisle

By Lee Davis, CFSP


In foodservice operations, taking out the trash requires a significant amount of labor. Too often, large, heavy trash receptacles are emptied out only at the end of a shift, and sometimes not until the end of a day. The result is a potential accumulation of bacteria, pests, and odors in the kitchen, along with the additional risk of employee strain and lifting injuries.


Carlisle offers a better solution with their TrimLine™ Waste Container Dolly. The Dolly has a low center of gravity with a wide wheel base that puts the contents closer to the ground and helps eliminate tipping. The strong casters are high quality, non-marking, and allow employees to roll out the trash with much less effort and strain.


Using smaller trash receptacles encourages more frequent trash removal, minimizes the kitchen’s exposure to open waste containers, and allows for more cans in strategic locations throughout the kitchen. Carlisle TrimLine™ Waste Containers come in either 23 or 15 gallon sizes, that are only 30” and 24.75” tall, respectively. In either case, the Dolly only adds 3” of height, so Carlisle TrimLine™ Waste Containers will still fit beneath standard restaurant countertops. The dollies also work for many competitors’ TrimLine-style cans.


Water, grease, and soap make for slippery floor conditions. Balancing and carrying a heavy load under those circumstances increases the likelihood and severity of slip-and-fall accidents. Wheels increase safety, employee morale, efficiency and sanitation.


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