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Carlisle Tabletop Trends

By Matt Kurnick

The Carlisle Tabletop Collection aimed to help Carlisle refresh its look while bringing a sense of fashion and trend to the tabletop. It succeeded.

Carlisle recently rolled out two new lines and additions to its existing Tritan line. The Mingle collection features heavyweight melamine that won't chip or crack and comes with a 2-year warranty. With its circular swirl, the textured plate elevates the dining experience from typical melamine. Inspired by mid-century trends, Carlisle designed Grove. Grove's horizontal lines emulate the inside of a tree trunk while providing an aid for chefs who strive for consistency in plating presentation and portion size. Carlisle also included additions to its Tritan line with a recycled glass look, a new pitcher and the iced gray line of drink and barware. For more from Carlisle, click here.