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Carbon Cure: Just What the Doctor Ordered

By Lee Davis, CFSP


I recently attended a training event with Ginny Williams, Dealer Training Manager for Franklin Machine Products. She introduced an amazing new cleaning product called Carbon Cure. At first blush it looks like just another spray-on foaming cleanser, and it certainly does a great job of removing blackened, baked-on carbon and grease buildup. But what really sets this product apart is that it is non-caustic!


That’s right. The formula won’t burn your skin, so it’s just what the doctor ordered for cleaning carbon and grease. There is no need for cleaning gloves or protective clothing. Carbon Cure does not create noxious fumes either: just a mild smell to tell you it’s working.


Spray it on, wait about five minutes, then rinse it off with water. For really stubborn baked on carbon, a mildly abrasive sponge will help finish the job. The product is more effective when used on metal that is still warm.


Carbon Cure is ideal for pizza oven parts, conveyor ovens, toaster ovens, combi ovens and more. And because it’s non-caustic it is available everywhere with no caustic chemical shipping restrictions.


Carbon Cure comes in handy trigger sprayers or large refill bottles. A few demonstrations with various manufacturers at the recent NAFEM Show in Orlando yielded some impressive results and great testimonials. A National Sales Manager, and well known industry veteran of a popular foodservice equipment brand was quoted as saying: “I’ve never had anything that was this fast, this easy and this good to clean our equipment.


Go to to learn more about Carbon Cure and all the other great items available from Franklin Machine Products.