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Cambro’s Camduction® Complete Heat System

By Matt Kurnick

Healthcare, like any market within commercial foodservice, has its quirks. The requirements to serve excellent food, and to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction in healthcare, are slightly different than any other foodservice segment. As such, the equipment and supplies required to make and serve high-quality food are slightly different as well. To meet the needs of consumers in this specific segment, operators need look no further than Cambro's Camduction® Complete Heat System.

Where Cambro excels most in the healthcare segment is in regards to its meal delivery systems. Cambro's focus is to strategically combine hot food, hot plates, and a hot base to make sure every patient and visitor receives an excellent dining experience. While Cambro's Camduction® Complete Heat System offers a solution for nearly every step in the process of serving hot food in the healthcare segment, the foundation of that system is a combination of three relatively small pieces.

The first piece is Cambro's 9" ceramic plate which fits snugly into the second part, the Camduction Base. The last part is the insulated dome. Together these three pieces create a base layer of protection against cold air to keep the food hot on its way to diners.

This 3-piece system is just the start of the larger Camduction® Complete Heat System. For more information on all the different aspects of the Camduction® Complete Heat System, click here.