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Cambro Answers a Tough Question

By Lee Davis

Remember those crazy standardized aptitude tests we took in high school. You know the tests I mean: you had to calculate the length and speed of two trains traveling in opposite directions to see which one had the loudest whistle. You could spend a half hour trying to figure it out, or you could simply fill in a random dot on your answer sheet and move on to the next question that had equally little relevance to your reality at the time.

Well, here’s a foodservice storage question that has a high degree of relevance for many kitchens today, and Cambro Manufacturing has an answer. Suppose you need 5 heavy duty shelving units, each 24” deep, with an active aisle of 30 inches between them. You’ll need 20’ of space to erect these shelves, right?

(5 shelves x 24”)+(4 aisles x 30”)=240” or 20’

Well what if you only have 12.5’ of space to work with? How are you going to get five shelving units into a 12.5’ space and still have room to walk between them?

The answer is Cambro’s Camshelving High Density Storage System with floor tracks. The Camshelving units on each end are stationary. The three Camshelving units in the middle move easily back and forth on a raised track that does not require bolts or drilling. The grooved casters roll smoothly and securely. You save the equivalent of three aisles, or up to about 40% of the required floor space.

(5 shelves x 24”)+(1 aisle x 30”)=150” or 12.5’

Even if you aren’t working with limited space, can you think of a foodservice operation that wouldn’t like to have an additional 7.5’ of open floor?

I recently spoke with Patricia Guerrero, Marketing Manager at Cambro Manufacturing. She demonstrated the Camshelving High Density Storage System for me and talked about why Health Departments love Cambro Camshelving. Check out the video below or go to to learn more about the Cambro Camshelving High Density Storage System.

What is the tightest kitchen you ever worked in? What is the most unique storage solution you ever devised for a kitchen?